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NEW: My arrangement of Georgia on my Mind was just published. A draft version was performed at the Georgia Music Educators Conference in 2022. Purchase here

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Jazz Fiddle Wizard

Jazz Fiddle Wizard is designed for students of classical and fiddle background equivalent to first year of college. It is recommended that the student is fairly fluent on the instrument and have good reading abilities.

Jazz Wizard Junior: violin, viola, cello/bass

The Jazz Fiddle/Viola/Cello Wizard Jr. Books are designed for beginning to intermediate middle and high school string player in the tradition of the parent method, Jazz Fiddle Wizard—a break-through approach for string players who want to learn to improvise within the jazz style.


The Violin Wall Chart presents innovative finger-pattern drawings for all twelve major scales in first position and movable patterns for higher positions. It also includes note finder chart and list of bowing terms. Printed on durable coated paper. I also did versions for viola and cello

Orchestra Pieces

I have several string orchestra pieces that all include sections where individual students can improvise. See link below to FJH Music Company. I also have a piece on Alfred Music Publishing entitled Molecules and Stars.

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